St. Louis - "Our Community"

It is no secret that the early history of St. Louis inspired our willingness to meet challenges. Our city, on the western bank of the Mississippi, is also our community. Like all dedicated community members, we feel an enormous obligation to protect and preserve it.

The founding of our non-profit organization by dedicated St. Louis community members is based on our sense of community responsibility. Our members realized that as our fair city grows our need to accept challenges grow. One way we do this is by planting trees.

Establishing a Non-Profit as a Key Community Partner

With St. Louis in such close proximity to the mighty Mississippi River, environmental and ecological issues are part of the focus of our non-profit group. In the early days of establishing our group, we understood how important it was to plant trees to save our city from potential disasters.

Each tree planted protects St. Louis from soil erosion by creating a strong, durable root system. For our St. Louis residents, the benefits of our tree planting projects are to provide an environmentally sound method to keep our airstreams clean.

Trees produce much needed oxygen. Of course, St. Louis people are known far and wide for our stamina and unusual endurance. Our non-profit organization is based on a history of persistence to provide fundamentally sound environmental strategies. We do this as a dedicated partner in the St. Louis community.

Growth and Progress

Always, our non-profit organization strives for growth and progress in each project we choose, always with the idea of contributing to the natural beauty of St. Louis.

From tree planting for environmental balance and aesthetic beauty, to providing ideas for parks and healthy outdoor recreational facilities, our non-profit group members have a keen eye for areas of St. Louis that need our assistance.

Our prominence and group efforts are much appreciated by St. Louis residents and city leaders. Our growth and progress can be seen in various areas throughout St. Louis. Growth and progress are the main reasons we started our organization as a non-profit, rather than a for profit enterprise. As a non-profit organization, we enjoy assistance from individuals, the municipality and businesses who contribute, without influence, to our projects.

Our Regular Donors